Sunday, March 18, 2007

The tale of two blocks - the right and wrong

This block is called C-2 "Streak of Lightning" I completed it last night. The inside diamond shaped are pieced but the two outside diamonds are appliqued on top when it is all stitched together. I used the Roxanne's glue to hold the two appliqued pieces in place instead of pins. It does work well. I had never used it before, although I had bought a small bottle of it not that long ago. After I finished it I brought it up to the scanner to be scanned, and -- I realized that I had appliqued the two top diamonds on facing in the wrong direction. So ---- I had to take them off, finding that the Roxanne's glue really did hold them on well. And I had to re-stitch them! I had a little wine spot on the muslin so I had to give it a little wash and iron after I finished it, so the edges are a little frayed -- and then I had to do it all again. So this block is a little worse for wear!

Posted by PicasaSo here it is finished today. This one is scanned in - rather than the photo. The scanned image is so much better than a photo. So I will email the photo to Eric so he can update my Virtual DJ.

Friday, March 9, 2007

I-8 Pete's Paintbox

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Finished 30th Block tonight

I am again having a bit of trouble with Picasa upload. That seems to be the theme of this blog. I am not able to write any text to go along with the photo, every time I start the picture disappears. So the text will have to be in another post.

This was a tricky block because of all the bias edges to be sewn. I do like the striped fabric in this block. So it was a bit slow going with all the bias edges. Finished it tonight watching the Canucks beat the San Jose Sharks 2-1 in overtime. The home team is doing well -- working towards a good run into the playoffs. Big smile!!

Thursday, March 1, 2007

C-3 Rayelle's Fence

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I now have 29 blocks completed. I have put up the link for the DJ virtual design wall. It has all the blocks that I have completed so far. So I better get going - I have 196 to go!