Monday, May 19, 2008

H-7 Bennington Star

This block was a long time coming - but at least I am still plodding along and making them!!

This is block #39 for me. So that means there are only 186 blocks left to make -LOL

I have started L-11 Caitlin's Rose. I haven't done any applique blocks for a while now - so I should do a few applique blocks. It is nice to have another one finished though - I took it to Calgary with me - didn't do anything on it at all - and finally finished the last border piece at my Friday quilt group. It was a nice little quilt group day as not only did I finish the block but we had a nice lunch for my 50th birthday and Trudi's 65th birthday. And all 5 of us in the group we finally there - we hadn't been all together since October. Dorothy and Barbara both brought little gifts for us from their Panama cruises ( not together) and we had a lovely visit -- along with a bit of stitching.
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