Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Block Folder

I retired the old block folder - which I made in 1997.  Boy time flies!  The old one was starting to come apart at the seams and handle. 

The frame of the old one was made from pieces of cardboard cereal boxes stapled together?  Haha. I don't think I planned for it to be used for 19 years!  It was made in a quilt class I was taking - to hold the appliqué blocks we were working one. It was a Piecmakers Calendar, Times and Seasons 1997.  

With the new one I used 13x12 pieces of corrugated white plastic. I elimated the handle. I found I didn't really use the handle as I usually put the folder in a bag with all the other supplies I needed. 


I have a small pocket on the inside flap. 

A quilting friend gave me a stack of six mini design boards. They are WONDERFUL!! I love them!  The block pieces stick so well to them and then another board can be stacked on top. Holding all pieces securely in place. 

My collection of tools --- 

The thread and scissor holder I won from Carol at "Quilting Advenures"

The seam roller in another great tool!!!

I keep all the tools in a small plastic container. 

In my bag.