Thursday, December 28, 2006

The first step

The first thing I do is print the patterns out on the freezer paper. I am able to print two different pattern out on one page. I do this by adjusting the top and bottom margins in the DJ program, under "Page setup" The top margins is narrow (0.118) and the bottom margin is wide (5). Then I print one pattern and then flip the paper and print another pattern. Took me quite a few months to find out how to do that -- again the DJ digest was where I got the information. Great tips.

After printing out the pattern I mark on the pieces whether the piece is white fabric (W) or coloured fabric (C) then I cut apart all the pieces. I chose the colour of fabric I am going to use for the block. All my white fabric is muslin. I then put the pieces and the fabric in a small sandwich baggie. Ready for the next step.
I make sure I have put the name of the blocks in the bag with the fabric and pieces. At this point it would be almost impossible to tell which blocks were in the bags without them being labeled. What a production that would be!
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Saturday, December 23, 2006

C-9 Janes Tears

This was a fairly simple block to applique, all the pieces are fairly large and nice easy round curves.
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Friday, December 22, 2006

B-12 Starflower

This block was quite difficult to get the melons and centre looking good and symetrical, and it still looks a little off centre. After I did the block (twice) I read the hints and tips on the Dear Jane website and realized that I should have reverse appliqued the centre piece - that would have been much easier -- that taught me to always read the tips and hints before making the block.

A-7 Dad's Plaids

This block is the one block that I used the sewing machine to piece the four squares together. They are fairly big square compared to most other DJ pieces. The squares are about 2 1/2 inches each. I then hand appliqued the melons. It is a fairly easy block to get right.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Dee Dee's Delight

I am trying to upload with Picasa, which is giving me grief since the upgrade to beta.
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Three Blocks

I will post a few pictures of the blocks I have completed - in no particular order. Once I have finished posting all the blocks I have completed so far I will then post a picture of each block as it is completed - as a record of my progress. I will also continue to post how I construct the blocks.

A-13 Starlight, Starbright

E-3 Paddle Wheel

D-4 Crystal Star
Each block is 4 1/2 inches finished ( 5 inches unfinished). The blocks are either hand pieced or hand appliqued - or a combination of both. Crystal Star is hand pieced but the small melons in each corner are hand appliqued on after the block is pieced. There are alot of melons in this quilt!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Printing out the blocks

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My "Stuff"

I have a bunch of "stuff" that I have decided I need to make my quilt. Some of it is necessary - some is not. I find the computer program a very valuable tool. I print the outline block patterns onto the freezer paper with the program. I use the book when I am re-assembling the blocks - for colour and fabric placement etc. The little iron and ironing mat helps to iron those small seams after stitching. (instead of finger pressing). A "Dear Jane" bag to carry all my supplies and also the other bag holds many quilting notions required - scissors, thread, pencils, Dear Jane rulers, etc. It has taken a number of months to gather all this "stuff" - and figure out exactly what "stuff" was really needed. I think I have what I need now!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Pinwheel gone awry

The first block I did. I am printing out the patterns of the blocks from the CD onto the freezer paper and making templates. I am sewing the blocks together by hand.

My First Post

I have decided to start this blog to document my "Dear Jane" Journey. I started the Dear Jane Quilt in March of 2006. The main reason I started this quilt was because after I started my original blog and saw many different quilting blogs I found a few quilters and their Dear Jane quilt - Cathi in Ireland - was the one that inspired me the most. So I ordered the book and CD from the Dear Jane website. I also order two packages of freezer paper for the printer. I have 24 blocks finished so far and I thought it would be good to document the progress on a blog instead of on paper. I will begin by posting the blocks I have completed so far.

This is just a sample of the blocks I have finished.