Monday, May 19, 2008

H-7 Bennington Star

This block was a long time coming - but at least I am still plodding along and making them!!

This is block #39 for me. So that means there are only 186 blocks left to make -LOL

I have started L-11 Caitlin's Rose. I haven't done any applique blocks for a while now - so I should do a few applique blocks. It is nice to have another one finished though - I took it to Calgary with me - didn't do anything on it at all - and finally finished the last border piece at my Friday quilt group. It was a nice little quilt group day as not only did I finish the block but we had a nice lunch for my 50th birthday and Trudi's 65th birthday. And all 5 of us in the group we finally there - we hadn't been all together since October. Dorothy and Barbara both brought little gifts for us from their Panama cruises ( not together) and we had a lovely visit -- along with a bit of stitching.
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The Quilting Pirate said...

You are a head of me :) It looks wonderful!

ana-ane said...

¿Qué tal le va con su D.J. ?
Es mi próximo proyecto. Saludos ane

Anonymous said...

Pam:wonderful block.I live in Argentina and prepare the fabric for beging Dear Jane`s quilt. I visit your blog a diary. Congratulations.Lu
PD.sorry for my english

ana-ane said...

Hoy he empezado mi D.J. espero terminarlo. Saludos ana

Anonymous said...

Hello: I beging the block A-8,jointly a group that 104 quilters. is really fun. You are a guide.kindness. Lu

Mary Ann said...

Congrats on Block #39!!! You'll be done before you know it!!!
I'm actually a fellow BCer living overseas! I've been working on my Baby Jane for almost four years and really look forward to the quilting process this winter!!! Cheers! Mary Ann in Denmark

Ribbonwiz said...

Looks great pam,
I'm back onto my DJ now!

Jeannett said...

Please, don't stop doing your baby DJ and continue writing on your blog. I love your notes, advices, tips, everything is useful. I am doing DJ but don't have to much knowledge about techniques and this quilt have a lot of different.
I am from La Paz, Bolivia