Thursday, February 4, 2016

Recently completed blocks.

I have been working away on my blocks - slow and steady. Just yesterday I took pictures of the last four blocks I finished. 

This is my second triangle.  I don't know if I've taken a photo of the first one I completed.  

I am now putting the completed blocks in the one binder. I received the new Dear Jane book from Amazon. So I am back on track with my system!  

I have 71 blocks completed.  I have no idea how people complete more than one of these quilts in a lifetime!!!  

I figure at the rate I am going I will be finished in the Year 2525 !!  If I am still alive.  I am hoping to pick up the pace a bit over the next few months. 

I made a new folder for my blocks.  Really nice with modern fabric. I am pleased with how it turned out.

Jim will be back to working on the boat so I will have time in the evenings to do some blocks. Although I have been working on a bit of hand quilting in the evening as well - with the help of Lilly! 


Anonymous said...

Hi Pam,

Your blocks are great, and what a wonderful job of hand piecing. You mentioned you made a new folder for your blocks - what size is it? It looked like your unsewn blocks fit well in your other folder, so just wondered what size worked well for you for your folder. Would you post a picture of the new folder you made? I'm hoping to get something done on my Dear Jane soon, and have printed off your method for hand piecing the Dear Jane blocks. Thanks.

Mary Ann

Pam said...

Hi Mary Ann. The size of the new folde is the same as the old one. About 12 X 13 inches. I will post some photos. It's a good size. A friend made some small sized design boards that fit perfectly in there. I really like the design boards.