Thursday, December 28, 2006

The first step

The first thing I do is print the patterns out on the freezer paper. I am able to print two different pattern out on one page. I do this by adjusting the top and bottom margins in the DJ program, under "Page setup" The top margins is narrow (0.118) and the bottom margin is wide (5). Then I print one pattern and then flip the paper and print another pattern. Took me quite a few months to find out how to do that -- again the DJ digest was where I got the information. Great tips.

After printing out the pattern I mark on the pieces whether the piece is white fabric (W) or coloured fabric (C) then I cut apart all the pieces. I chose the colour of fabric I am going to use for the block. All my white fabric is muslin. I then put the pieces and the fabric in a small sandwich baggie. Ready for the next step.
I make sure I have put the name of the blocks in the bag with the fabric and pieces. At this point it would be almost impossible to tell which blocks were in the bags without them being labeled. What a production that would be!
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jpquilter said...

this is quite a process but I like the organization that you are using - nice to have those blocks set and ready to go when you have a moment to quilt