Saturday, October 27, 2007


One, Two Buckle My Shoe

Here you go Karen! It was completed at 10:05 Pacific Mountain Time.

For everyone else - Karen (from Passionate Quilter) and I had a challenge to complete one DJ block by Saturday night. This is the block I took to Oregon and worked on a bit at Rockaway Beach, though there was still quite a bit left to sew. The block that Karen was sewing was H-3 - a very complicated looking block - one that I have not done yet. So her challenge looks a little more difficult than mine.

I am quite excited that mine is finished and now on to the next challenge - hey Karen :)))

I still need to scan the photo in and get posted to my virtual DJ webpage.

I have been busy working this week (something I think should be banned!!) and just started taking the pictures for my Oregon "shop hop" I will be posting those pictures in the next day or two.
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CONNIE W said...

Hi Pam - Well, I printed out my first few patterns for the DJ on Friday, I think, and hope today to have time to cut & stitch at least one of them. I bought the book/supplies for making DJ back in April and saved it to be a Fall project and now that October is nearly ending I realized it was TIME to get at it. Seeing your post this morning gave me some extra inspiration to stick to my plan. Some of the blocks have such small pieces and I'm wondering if you hand or machine stitch. Thanks for sharing your DJ with us.

Quilting Pirate said...

what a great idea and challenge!! Would you mind if I join in the challenge too? Of course I'm going to be gone this next week to Houston, but I will start the following week!

Passionate Quilter said...

Great job Pam! It must be karma or something--I FINISHED my block a little after 10 PM!! I've gotten used to doing those tiny little pieces smaller than the end of your fingernail by now. I just cut my seam allowances bigger to have something to hang onto and then trim them down.
Quilting Pirate--join the fun! I'm taking my next one with me to Houston..I figure I can get at least one done! And my next one only has like 7 pieces! Woohoo!

Belém said...

Geat idea! To establish goals can be very productive and challenging too. It seems that you have followers :)

Anne Ida said...

Your shoe was buckled beautifully, Pam! Way to go! I've got a half stitched block laying in the table in front of me - perhaps I'll finish it soon... I'll bare in mind youre challenge and perhaps I can get a block done a week...?

Darlene said...

Way to go Pam! I'm going to be popping in regularly to watch your progress. You and Karen will have a blast challenging each other. It appears that Quilting Pirate might join you. What fun!

I wish I could join you but it's not to be right now. :-)

jeanette said...

Thank´s for your kind comment on my DJ blocks. Yours look great, too.