Sunday, November 4, 2007

M5 Mother's Point

I was able to finish this block Friday night. I doesn't have that many pieces - so it was a lot quicker to finish then the last block. I have only about 3 blocks in prepped in baggies right now -- so I have been doing a bit of cutting up of the freezer paper blocks and such this week. I will start another block tonight as we watch the final two episodes of The Sopranos. I am going away for a 4 day retreat next weekend. I should be able to have the next block finished for next Monday - as I will be gone from Friday - Monday night ( I'm so excited!! I just can't hide it!!)

Two blocks in two weeks -- pretty good!!
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Anne Ida said...

Great job! This is wonderful! And if you can keep up with a block a week, you'll see the quilt will progress faster than you think!

Now... shame on me... I didn't manage to finish my block yesterday... I know I only have two seams left on it, but since they are the two I "frog stitched" it's just not tempting... I'll try to be a good girl and finish it soon... *lol*

Darlene said...

Wow another finished block. Way to go. I agree with Anne Ida - a block a week will show result in fast progress.

Shelina said...

Two blocks in two weeks - I think that is a great job1 I'm afraid to see how much I average per week. I haven't made any more since the last three last month - and the last one of those three isn't even finished yet!

Passionate Quilter said...

Good job Pam! See what a little challenge does for us! I did get mine done while in Houston, but didn't have a chance to post it until now. And I got the one for last week done too! And already started on this weeks! I used to try to get one done per day, and that was way too much with having other things going on. One per week is a good number and I think I can stick with that! Hope you had fun at your retreat! And by the way,congrats on a new upcoming grandbaby! :)

CONNIE W said...

I recently made this block. I'm only getting started on the DJ and during the holidays looks like there won't be much time for it.

julieQ said...

Very nice quilt block!! I love your dear Jane.