Saturday, February 16, 2008

B-10 Jud's Trophy

This one was a long time coming!!!

I can't even remember when I started it but I finished it yesterday. Great to have it finished. I was having some major issues today with the scanner and such but I was able to overcome them with only minor frustrations -LOL - although if you asked Jim he would tell you I was a bit more frustrated than I admit.

I need to get Eric to update the blocks on my Dear Jane virtual quilt. I think he is about 4 behind. I think I am up to 35 now -- but who's counting!!
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Shelina said...

Good for you for making another block.
I haven't made that one. I probably should be making a few more just to show some progress. Too many quilts.

Quilting Pirate said...

WHO'S COUNTING??? You are!!! I am counting my own as well...but I'm so behind on doing one a month.

I love how this one turned out!

Anina said...

I found your blog searching for tips on making a Baby Jane.
A group of us is diving into this project on March 3rd.
Are you using a different fabric for each block?
If you'd like to pop over and visit, we're over here:
I'm adding a link to your blog over there because, goodness knows, we need as much inspiration as we can get.

Passionate Quilter said...

Good for you Pam! Feels good to get another one done! Like I know--it's been a while for me again! There's only so many hours in a day--and I have SO many things to do. Seeing you get another one done might spur me on again!