Friday, February 22, 2008

L-11 Caitin's Rose

I have been running out of my prepped and bagged up blocks so I decided I needed to make up a few more. The first block I start to prep last night was L-11 Caitlin's Rose. As I was laying the template pieces on the fabric to iron I realized that the little diamond shaped pieces were not all the same size -- which they really should have been - or so I thought. So I pulled out the book - which is what I use as a reference when I lay the blocks out to stitch together. Although I print the blocks on the freezer paper using the computer program.

So first thing I realize by putting each little diamond piece on the book pattern is the diamonds are NOT all the same and each diamond -- although they look very similar - are quite different in size and shape and have a specific place in the pattern. So as you can see by the photo I labeled each diamond piece with a couple of letters and then labeled each template piece to match. Then the next thing I discovered was that I had a bunch of extra half square triangles that I couldn't figure out where they were to go -- and the other triangles that I had didn't seem to work. I know that some of the patterns in the book are different than the patterns in the computer program.

So I went to the computer and printed out the block for reference. As you can see the two blocks are quite different. I had to find the right layout for the diamonds again - but it seems to be the same as the book. But this one has four more half square triangles and a much smaller centre block. I think it looks a little more similar to the original quilt block. Brenda redrafted a few of the blocks - so for all you Dear Janer's out there that are using both the computer program and the book - remember that some of the blocks in the book are different than the CD. I found that for some of the blocks in the program there are a couple of different versions of the block as well. Fortunately I found this out before I started sewing the diamonds to the half square triangles and they were not aligned properly and the block didn't quite fit together. When you look at the block and the diamond shaped you don't think they are different sizes.
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Shelina said...

Wow! I don't have the software, only the book. I think it is great that she redrafted some of the blocks, but you would think she would have offered both blocks - the same as the book, and the redraft, and would make it very clear that they are different.
If I remember correctly, I redrafted the block myself to make it Jane's way.

Quilting Pirate said...

wow, thanks for the info!? I had not idea some were redrafted. I will now start pulling out my book more and comparing the pattern pieces.

Belém said...

I am glad to see your progresses on your DJ blocks.

Juliann in WA said...

Are you hand piecing? I have only just begun reading your entries about your Dear Jane quilt although I really need to stop because the more I read, the more I want to make this quilt. Is it do-able without the CD?

Anonymous said...

I redrafted mine. This one drove me nuts. Eventually, I switched to hand piecing and may redo it some day. Here's a picture:

Minka said...

I made this block years ago and redrafted it once I realized that Brenda's draft (in the book -- this was year before there WAS a CD) did not match Jane's block. It sounds like Brenda tried to fix that with the CD. Some time after that I switched to hand piecing and will likely re-do this block as I get much more accurate results with hand piecing.