Sunday, August 21, 2011

Scout's Honor

As promised to myself  I have started (and finished) another Dear Jane block.  I hope this blessed broken ankle brings me some pleasure! 

K9 - Scout's Honor

My sewing space set up on the deck - quite comfortable for an afternoon of stitching away. 

Late afternoon - as you can see the wine is already poured!  I can stitch and enjoy the view................

Here is the completed block - and from start to finish was only three or so little stitching sessions so I am quite pleased with my result.

I have two hand stitching projects on the go at this time.  I really have been working diligently on my wool applique flowers and have completed 12/16 blocks.  I think I will get them completed before I really get back to the Dear Jane blocks.
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Mitt lille rosa syrom said...

Nice block, and lovely scenery!
Best wishes,
Berit in Norway

Kim said...

Takes a determined quilter to stick with this Dear Jane journey. The beautiful view is a good place to rest your eyes...lucky you are. :) What is the finished size of the Dear Jane quilt? My word verification for this comment is Peeps! How funny! Does a quilter make those up?

Angelina's Trinkets said...

Beautiful blocks! I just started my first Dear Jane and have begun a blog to go with it. I decided to start with a practice block - yike it was a lot of work to get ready, reorganized and figure out how to see those tiny blocks. Wishing you the best, Angela