Sunday, December 2, 2012

I was reading my Dear Jane blog the other day and it looked nothing had changed for me since August 2011 - I was once again on crutches! At least it is not STILL on crutches.

I must say that a lot has happened since I fell on that walk in the woods on July 18 2011 and fractured my ankle. My ankle has healed but a bigger problem that was hidden deep in my foot reared it's ugly head and I just had a very big surgery on my foot on November 14.
I have not been neglecting my Dear Jane in the last 18 months. I have completed 3 blocks - keeping up with my usual pace!
J6 - Granny Weaver

J7 - Chicken Tracks

M8 - Enchanted Square

I have been assigned mostly bed rest with my foot elevated for the next few weeks so I am working away on a couple of projects. I have completed the Civil War Chronicles BOM 2010 quilt and I sent it out to be machine basted with the plan to do some hand quilting on it over the winter months.
I am also planning on working on a few Dear Jane blocks.
This is B8 - Water Lily

I am also working on my iPad and finding posting to my blogs a bit challenging. There are a couple of different apps about that are supposed to make it easier but at this time it seems they are just adding to my frustration. I am trying to post from Blogpress for the second time. The Google+ seems to have failed and the Blogger app only seems to work from the iPhone and that is even having issues. So I am going to try again!
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Hope you keep blogging about dear Jane!!