Saturday, February 3, 2007

A-5 Cathie's Campfire

This is such a pretty block and I love the fabric I used for it. Some fairly tiny pieces in it but not too difficult. It is the curved pieced blocks that are the tricky ones!!

Now Picasa seems to be working today, the way it used, before the change over. When I go to publish it is actually uploading the post right onto my blog and opening the blog right away like it did before. It hasn't done that since beta came online. I sure hope that the issues have been resolved now.
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Belém said...

Sometimes I can't see your pictures because Picasa most of the time is unavailable. But today I could see this nice and very nice pointed block.

Rebekah Smith said...

What great colors!

Shelina said...

You're doing great plugging away at your blocks. I really like the fabric on this one.

Belém said...

Great progresses in your Dear Jane!
I was looking in older posts to know the size of the block but I didn't find. In the pictures they look pretty small.